A/B testing is the core process to help your business identify what is the best approach that works in campaigns. A/B testing in PPC is the process of implementing various forms of an ad and measuring the results to find a method that best suits your company approach. Almost anything can be tested from the wording of the ad itself, the call-to-action or even the colors used in the ad.

When first starting A/B testing, have a goal in mind. The goal can be finding the most effective message, the call-to-action, a specific image, keywords, or even spend. Goals allow you to know exactly what to measure and how to proceed with the next step of the campaign.

The benefit of A/B testing is to see what message works best for your business, and sometimes the results will surprise you. The variations can be as small as having an image versus no image, or even a difference in call-to-action or title. Taking the time to evaluate the little details of the message will allow for a bigger return on investment. It is important to do A/B testing to see how consumers react because the way a message is worded can influence the consumer to take action, or spend time learning about your business.

A/B testing doesn’t ever have to end. If you start with PPC advertisements, you can move it along to different landing pages and pages on a website. Continuing the process of A/B testing will continue to better your approach to ensure the best marketing techniques for your business.