Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising on the Internet has become a major focus for many companies for a number of important reasons. First, this relatively new marketing avenue creates nearly instant visibility for your company, product, or service. By placing ads using the purchase of specified keywords, your sales communication appears in the most visible areas of the search engine results pages. In the case of Google, ads are posted on the top left side of the page in positions one, two, and three. There are also another five potential ads running in a narrow column in the top right of the same page. These positions are the most highly visible placements available and capture more eyes than the remainder of the page — which is reserved for “organic” results. These results are achieved through traditional search engine optimization, or SEO.

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The way PPC works is that we develop a broad list of potential keywords and phrases based on your company’s business. We then create a series of text ads that incorporate these keywords that will be posted on the search engines. Once this process is completed, we determine a budget for a set time frame, such as $500.00 per week or $2,000.00 per month. This, too, can be adjusted upward or downward in near-real time, as needed. The final step is to then place “bids” with the search engines on each keyword in our campaign. If our bid is chosen, your ad will run when that one keyword is used in a search.

Without getting into too much detail here, the highest bidder does not necessarily win the ad placement. The search engines go beyond just bids when considering which ads to run.

PPC is very easily tracked through stats software supplied by the search engines. So, as a company, you can readily identify which keywords are being used by consumers to search for your business offerings, as well as which ones they choose to click on to go to your web site. This kind of intelligence is extremely useful in the development and maintenance of a paid search campaign. It allows you to quickly adjust to trends used by consumers and allows you to add or remove specific keywords from your campaign in order to increase your click–through rates.

The number one online marketing goal is to build traffic to your web site. To that end, PPC offers the fastest method of doing so. At Zelen, we help our clients develop the most results–oriented and cost effective online marketing programs possible by using PPC, SEO and social marketing together to create the broadest possible reach.

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