Mobile Responsiveness

Businesses and mobile sites go hand-in-hand these days. It is merely impossible to succeed in today’s market without a user-friendly website that allows consumers to browse, shop, and find whatever information they are in search of. Based on changes in technology and consumer behavior, it is equally important nowadays (if not more), that you also have a mobile website.

A mobile website is just like a traditional website in that it allows users to view text, graphics, content, images, data, and video. The only difference is that a mobile website is specifically designed to look good and be functional when accessed from a mobile device such as a smartphone or iPad.

Benefits of a Mobile Site

  • Increased Marketability – In order to effectively market and advertise your business, people need to see you and be aware of your existence. Since the majority of consumers access the Internet and search for information from their handheld devices these days, a mobile site is ideal for marketing purposes.
  • Improved Relations – A mobile site allows potential and existing clients to access your business website while on the go. Furthermore, if a customer needs to contact your business for a customer service matter or to inquire about general information, they can do so with ease. The easier things are for them, the happier they will be. Hence, customer loyalty and positive referrals are gained.
  • Mapping – Paper maps are practically extinct thanks to GPS devices and smartphones. When someone needs to locate your business, a mobile site will not only provide direct and easy access to your physical address, but it can provide step by step directions on how to commute to your business location.

Basically, a mobile site simplifies the layout and information of your current website, so that it still looks attractive on a handheld device, and is still navigable. Just like regular websites, mobile sites are customizable, and that’s where Zelen Communications comes in. We will design, develop, and deliver the best mobile site for your business.