Benefits of Website Hosting with Zelen Communications:

  • Firstly, ongoing management of all software, which includes the WordPress and WooCommerce platforms. Plus, any and all plugins utilized on websites and fixing any issues that may occur after a software update.


  • Free SSL certificate (Secure Sockets Layer) and https security on all websites. Https is a Google requirement for a website to rank well in SEO.


  • Automatic configuration of security plugin to block password guessing attacks, locks out bots and suspicious devices, and provides for a more secure WordPress site overall.


  • Continuous 30 day backup of each website for security. Also, for the site tracking to any previous state in the last 30 days period in case of an emergency.

  • All websites on a server from an SSD drive which produces noticeably faster load times than the same website hosted on GoDaddy or another budget hosting can provide. This is crucial for SEO as Google mandates fast load times for mobile devices.


  • Our hosting platform offers a dynamic caching system of website files which makes it load even faster on desktop and mobile browsers than traditional hosting providers.


  • The hosting environment offers redundant hosting servers for all hosted website assets which provides faster speed and security


  • Server environment boasts 99.9% uptime on all of our clients’ websites to date.


  • Lastly, free spam filter which provides the most secure services for your email accounts. Your incoming and outgoing emails are continually monitored to block delivery of spam messages.

All above benefits provided under our monthly hosting fee of $35.00

Contact us if you would like more information.