eCommerce Solutions

Online shopping carts are exactly what they sound like – virtual shopping carts that allow visitors to collect the items they wish to purchase, and then pay for those items all at once. Online shoppers use these carts in the same way they would a physical shopping cart in a store. When shopping online, shopping carts can act as a checklist, because consumers can see all of the items in their cart in a list format.

The software used to create online shopping carts allows users to add and remove items with ease. Once the desired items have been selected, the order is then sent to the merchant for processing. This is a very important component in web development because of the following reasons:

  • Saves Time – Multiple single orders are not necessary.
  • Convenience – This makes your website user friendly.
  • Retention – Customers will enjoy their online shopping experience, and are likely to return.
  • Attractiveness – The presence of a shopping cart makes your website look good and professional.

A well-planned and developed shopping cart has the following characteristics:

  • Various payment options
  • Visible shipping and tax charges
  • Merchant tools
  • Security to protect all parties involved
  • Statistics to help with inventory