Custom Sites

Just as the name suggests, fully custom sites refers to those websites that are designed and developed specifically to meet your company’s requirements and preferences. Keep in mind, however, that those specifications are actually determined by your clients and customers, the ones that will be visiting your site. The customization factor is a critical component of the website development process for several reasons. Some of the most notable benefits of a fully custom site are:

  • Optimization – A website that is fully customized can also be completely optimized for SEO purposes.
  • Visualization – The logo and graphics that appear on a fully custom site should also be designed specifically for that brand, in order to make it look the best is possibly can.
  • Navigation – When a customized website is being developed, the customers should be kept in mind. The site should reflect their needs, and should be easy to navigate. This will ensure a low bounce rate, return business, and customer loyalty.
  • Mobilization – Nowadays, it is impossible to ignore the importance of having a mobile site, or at least a website that is compatible with mobile devices. A fully custom site can deliver the mobilization factor.
  • Uniqueness – This may seem redundant, but in a virtually dominant world, it is imperative. When visitors first land on your homepage, you want them to be in awe of how attractive and user-friendly it is. You don’t want them to think for a second that it resembles just another cookie cutter website found on the Internet.

An ideal custom site may take a little longer to develop, but the end result is worth it. Zelen Communications will make sure that your company’s fully custom site is both fun and functional. In addition, we will provide continuous support to ensure that your website is regularly updated and maintained to keep it running at optimal efficiency.