Dress For Success!

Clothing Can Make All the Difference

What is your restaurant team wearing……. Front and Back of the House?  Is your team proud of what they are wearing? If you represent a large chain, you are likely to think about the associated costs, but smaller companies can really have fun with their attire. You should seriously think about your staff’s attire as “Wardrobe” because every time they hit the floor it is a performance. You want them standing tall, looking good and ready to rock n’ roll. So dress for success!

A fashion designer helpig her customer to choose and dress suit jacket representing dress for success

Offer Options


Have you ever seen restaurant employees that have “Staff” printed on their backs? OMG it screams you are just an employee. You are saying you are not really important and that I can always replace you with the next person that applies for a job. Never ever do the “Staff” thing! Also, black and white have become so overused and standard these days. I encourage you to think color!

Offer a selection of colors so your team can pick something that expresses their individuality as well as representing your “Brand” in a positive light. People tend to be more focused on the front of the house, but don’t forget the back of the house! They are part of your team and your success, make sure you reinforce that to them. Everyone contributes and let them know that they are as important as anyone within your four walls. Go and see what your competitors are doing and you may have an “AHA” moment. Make sure your team’s “Wardrobe” sets you apart and clearly gives you a Point of Difference. You are bound to dress for success!

The restaurant business is hard work, but that doesn’t mean you can’t help to improve their jobs and their work environment. Once again, make it fun and enjoyable for everyone you employ and they will reflect that happiness and warmth to your customers.

I hope you have a smile on your face!!!

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