Content Is King When Implementing Effective SEO Strategies

Zelen Communications Amps Up SEO Offerings with Three New Packages

Tampa, FL, February 27, 2013 – Everyone knows that increased traffic to your web site drives search engine rankings. It ultimately fuels your business success. But not everyone understands how to marry both content and code to produce the best possible search engine optimization (SEO).

Zelen Communications has been developing highly effective web sites across numerous industries for 14 years. Through that experience, the firm has developed a unique expertise in analyzing sites. They also have been developing the optimal combination of high traffic, low competition, and extraordinarily relevant content. This in turn allows the Zelen team to customize an SEO strategy from one of its three SEO packages. These are – Standard, Premium, and Pro. Plus, the Zelen team can generate, on a regular basis, the new content so critical to increased internet visibility.

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Content is King with SEO

SEO is not as simple as it once was, making it difficult for many companies to manage those strategies on their own and especially for internal staffers who often have other responsibilities. Zelen Communications provides the initial set-up, analyzes the site for key word development, optimizes existing content, develops an XML sitemap indexing every page on the site, and tracks results on an on-going basis to enhance the site’s agility for meeting new marketing demands.

In addition, the firm offers a link-building service designed to improve page rank and relevance for site visitors.

“We’ve been able to boost our clients’ business results incrementally over time with our SEO strategies.” Reports Terry Zelen, owner of the communications firm. “Plus, there is a direct relationship between not only implementing SEO, but also the resulting in improved visibility and increased business transactions.”

In the words of Steve McAuliffe of McAuliffe & McCormick, Inc., “We have had the opportunity to work with Zelen Communications on two different web site programs, each utilizing [their] SEO expertise. Both sites were very different: one was B2B [business-to-business] and the other B2C [business-to-consumer]. In each case, and without the use of SEM, they appeared regularly on the first page of search results. Zelen understands the various steps that lead to a successful SEO initiative and executes them flawlessly.”

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