Social Media Strategy: Why You Can’t Screw Up

The power and popularity of online advertising is undeniable. Nobody is going to argue with that. However, there is definitely a gray area when it comes to your company’s social media strategy. Although social media is a free and fruitful digital marketing tool, it still needs to be treated with caution.

Social media sets a stage with minimal limitations. This can be both a positive and a negative thing for businesses. Since social sharing is virtually uncontrolled and provides instant information, you need to be extra careful with how and what you release online. One poor post or one terrible tweet could result in the loss of a loyal customer.

On the flip side, the opportunity to interact with real consumers is tremendous and can help you gain business. In a way, social media is more about sidestepping careless mistakes than trying to become the best social sharer ever.

Consider the suggestions below on what not to do as far as your social media strategy is concerned.

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Social Media Strategy:

• Don’t Just Read

You can’t be successful on any of the social media platforms if you don’t interact. You must reply to positive and negative feedback and do the best you can to encourage conversation. Don’t just sit back and listen, or in this case, read the comments that mention your brand in any way. Lack of response will be interpreted as you ignoring the users.

• Don’t Delay

If you take too long to respond or acknowledge social media interactions, it’s basically the same thing as not replying at all.

• Don’t Use Social to Sell

The last thing users want to see when they open their social media apps is an in-your-face advertisement trying to sell something. People know the difference between paid social ads and natural relevant social shares. Save the sales pitches for other platforms. By regularly sharing useful and interesting information, your brand will sell itself, but with a more subtle delivery method.

• Don’t Assume

We all know that infamous saying about what happens when you assume, and social media is no different. If you assume that your customers are content, you will likely be wrong. You need to ask questions on social sites so that you can utilize the feedback, positive or negative, for future growth. A company that practices a proactive approach is less likely to have to deal with cleaning up online messes.

• Don’t be Topically Tight

The topics that you discuss and share on social media platforms should of course be related to your niche and brand, but that’s not all they should be. You need to mix it up and include variety in your posts.

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