The Human Factor

Preview of the Human Factor To follow up on my previous post about Social Marketing, I have some additional insights for you. How important is the human factor in relating and communicating with other people whether it’s clients, acquaintances, friends or family?  I recently attended a Social Marketing seminar to […]

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Social Marketing: the Network of Networking

Preview of Social Marketing As a progressive-thinking agency, we are doing our due diligence by thoroughly immersing ourselves in the burgeoning realm of “Social Marketing”. We have now built our own little network of networking on the web so we can intelligently assist our clients should they decide to take […]

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The Lost Art of Design?

Preview of the Lost Art of Design As an owner of a design firm and web development company, I have recently been awakened by an alarming trend that I can no longer ignore in regards to art of design. My humble beginnings sprouted up through the trenches of advertising by […]

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