Become a Social Media Guru and a “Thumbs Up” Connoisseur

Ever since the Facebook phenomenon, the classic thumbs up hand signal has become iconic, and a major player in your social media strategy. If for some reason you have not established a presence on Facebook for your brand or company, it’s time to get on board because you’re seriously missing out. Current customers are not able to “Like” your page, and potential customers don’t even know you exist.

Social media is the new word-of-mouth advertising, and it simply cannot be ignored. Not being active on Facebook means that you are missing out on connecting with all 35 million users on there. Not to mention, the competition could already have a loyal following via numerous thumbs ups. In order to stay ahead of the competition and on your A-game in regards to online marketing, consider the following Facebook tid-bits:

Feed the Hunger – When users click the “Like” button on your page, your status updates and uploaded photos are automatically “fed” to them on their newsfeed. In order to engage current customers and attract new ones, you must create exciting posts and share up to date information. Regular activity is crucial when it comes to social media.

Friends with Benefits – One of the benefits of Facebook that you must remember is that whenever someone becomes a fan of your page, the friends of that user see this action on their Facebook pages. In best-case scenarios, curiosity is sparked, which means the friend, or even multiple friends, may also end up liking your page.

Show and Tell – Facebook does not limit you to the number of status updates or photo uploads you can make per day, or ever. This, however, should not be taken as an open invitation to blast your fans’ newsfeeds with promotional “junk” all day long. You should, however, take advantage of this opportunity by sharing “showoff” photos, bragging about accomplishments, displaying coupons, and keeping your fans engaged.

Make it Count – Just like with traditional advertising and marketing, demographics are crucial. Your online advertising efforts through Facebook can and should be customized, allowing you to reach your target market. Your ad will be displayed on the right side of your target market’s Facebook page. Your ultimate goal is to make the ad attractive enough that users click on it, and eventually “Like” your page.

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