An Ode to Content Creation: You Have to Super-Size to Optimize

When it comes to search engine optimization, one of the most important factors that influences your page ranking is content creation. Yes, content, not a plethora of back links or a flashy website. Those components are critical, but the power of high quality and high quantity content cannot be stressed enough.

Updating your web site with fresh and relevant content is something that you actually have control over, and that can drastically affect search results. Search engines can detect web sites whose content has not been changed over a certain period of time, and as a result, those sites drop in ranking.

Constant Content Creation

Keep in mind that even though search engines are scanning your web site, your readers are the target audience of your content. If the text you publish is ridden with keywords and internal links, such content will be deemed as spam, and holds no value. The goal is to produce content that provides site visitors with the information they are actually searching for, and in a friendly manner.

Writing SEO-friendly text is really not all that difficult, but it does require that you pay attention to relevance, formatting, and text quality. Consider the following tips:

  • Always write content that is valid and authentic.
  • Do not copy or “re-word” articles found on other websites.
  • Only publish niche-related content.
  • Organize the text logically and succinctly.
  • Use small paragraphs, as well as bullet points and lists as often as possible.
  • Create captivating titles and bold sub-headings.
  • Avoid writing in all capital letters, as readers view this as a “loud” tone.
  • Be personable and make sure readers know the text was written by an actual person.
  • Limit the use of metaphors and clichés in order to stay clear and concise.
  • Take advantage of keyword tools, but don’t go overboard within the actual text.
  • Images are critical and the more the merrier, as long as they are relevant.
  • Allow for comments and feedback to stimulate reader interaction.

Content creation is something that remains constant, regardless of how many, or how often, new updates or algorithms are released. In regards to SEO, there is so much out of your hands, but content is something that you actually have control over. Take advantage!

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