6 Reasons Why Your Website is The Center of Your Marketing Universe

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In this article, you’ll learn why you should consider your website to be the center of your marketing universe.

Did you know that 88% of consumers in the USA research products online before they’re ready to purchase? You probably fall within this 88% considering its regular practice to want to learn more about a certain product before you commit to buying it. Previous studies have shown that researching a certain product is actually consumers first step in the buyer’s journey. Continue reading about the center of your marketing universe.

Consider how large 88% is of the USA’s population, plus how it might differ across generations. Millennials are notorious for always being on their phones compared to Baby Boomers or even the Silent Generation. In fact, 97% of people conduct at least one search per day and 62% of Millennials alone conduct at least five searches per day.

Website is The Center of Your Marketing Universe

Why Your Website is The Center of Your Universe: 

Your website is not only the first impression most people experience of your company, but it’s also the home to all of your online marketing materials. Your target audience is using your website to learn more about you, your products and services, your company’s values and culture.

Think about how often you reference your website in marketing materials. I would bet that almost all of your marketing initiatives link or reference back to your website in some way or another (or at least it should, if done correctly). This is because you want your audience to pick your brand over the competitor’s.

  1. Potential to Grow Your Company

A website is an online reflection of your company. A great website represents a great company and vice versa – a poor quality design or functionality of a website can be a reflection of a disorganized company. Even if you have a website but are unsure about the quality of the functionality, you at least have a starting point.

Think about where you were when you didn’t have a website in place. You could potentially loose out on significant sales, exposure and brand awareness due to the fact that no one knows you exist outside of your physical office. Let your website grow your company’s sales, exposure and brand awareness.

  1. Gen Z is Evolving Technologically

Did you know that 93% of Millennials own a smartphone? What about 98% of Gen Zers own one too? Like I mentioned earlier, there is no question that the younger generation is always on their phones, communicating and searching the web frequently. Can you imagine the percentage of ownership of a smartphone for Generation Alpha?

Obviously, the speed and accessibility of technology with the new generations is evolving extremely fast. Therefore, this puts pressure on small and large businesses alike to adapt to this evolving trend. It puts high demand on all websites to be easy to navigate, mobile compliant and captivating. The younger generations expect to land on high quality websites from the brands they trust.

  1. Links to All Marketing Materials

Remember when I said if your marketing is done correctly, then almost all of your materials should reference back to your website in some way or another? I’m sure all of your email newsletters, direct mail postcards, TV commercials, print ads and all collateral feature your brand and website, or they should.

The goal with always including your website in these marketing materials is the fact that you want your target audience to take action on your website. Plus, including your URL on your marketing materials (both traditional and digital) is a way to measure the campaign’s effectiveness. Your website metrics can tell you your traffic from different sources.

  1. Let Your Website Tell Your Story

Almost every great brand has a story to tell their target audience. Look at these iconic brands for example: Apple’s is to tribute time-honored visionaries to “Think Different”, Disney’s brand is to fuel the young and the young at heart “Where Dreams Come True” and lastly, Coca Cola’s brand is known for their classic taste and feel. You get the point.

Although Apple, Disney and Coca Cola are moguls of examples, they were able to tell their own stories. Another point to consider is the amount of false information found on the Internet. The Internet is a way to freely exchange information and it could be filled with biases, opinions and frankly fake news.

In fact, approximately 37% of adults ranging from 35-49 believe that “fake news” is actually the real news within the USA. As unfortunate as that is, the moral of the story is your website allows you to tell your own story. This is because you are the creator, the owner and you are your own storyteller for your company’s success.

  1. Maintains Your Competitive Edge

One of the main purposes of your website is to serve as a passive lead generation tool for your visitors. Meaning, only 12% of people would actually buy a product without researching it first. Let your website be the driving force for people to learn more about your products, services and what you can do for them.

Your website serves that purpose and so does your competitor’s. You both have the same goal in mind: drive people to the website with the hopes that they convert and become long-standing loyal customers. If you’re not constantly updating your website, adding new blog articles, new pictures and new content frequently, your competitors are. A well-maintained website keeps you relevant in a competitive world.

  1. Allows You to Showcase Your Talents

The last reason why your website is the center of your marketing universe is because it gives you a platform to showcase your talents and strengths. It’s your company’s website, brag a little! Tell your audience about your brand, your clients and become convincing enough for your visitors to convert to buyers.

You should never underestimate the power of what a high quality website can mean for the success of your business. If you treat your Website like The Center of Your Marketing Universe, the possibilities are endless.

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