5 Features That Every Small Business Website Must Have

When it comes to generating leads for your small business, your entire marketing strategy starts with your website. By having a well-designed and intuitive website, you can attract users to your business and keep them there. To optimize your site as well as possible, be sure to include these must-have features that any advertising agency would recommend.

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  • Calls To Action

Your website does not simply exist for user enjoyment. You want them to purchase your good or service, so make that clear throughout the site. Great places for calls to action are at the end of your about section, on homepage buttons, and on your contact page. Place them strategically to serve your purpose without overwhelming your users.


  • Simple Navigation

The days of overcrowded websites are over. When it comes to your modern website development, smoother navigation is key. Choose a clean layout with straightforward paths between pages. Also limit the number of pages you have by only including necessary information.


  • Useful Content

If your website has a blog, try to steer clear of posting content simply to fill your site. Users want quality content that solves their problems, so keep this in mind while writing it. This may mean that you post longer pieces less often, which are better for SEO. Be sure to work with a SEO company to see how you can optimize these posts.


  • Visible Contact Information

Some users may be visiting your website simply to find a way to get in touch with you. Make sure that your phone number, email address, and street address are in an obvious spot on your site. If users have to dig, they might click away.


  • Social Buttons

Just as its important to make your contact information visible, it is also essential to have accessible social media buttons on every page. About 41% of small businesses depend on social media for generating revenue, so this step cannot be skipped. Many successful websites place them at the footer of every page. By having these links available to users, they can easily follow your social pages and keep your business on their radar.

The best way to optimize your website is to work with a marketing or advertising agency. These professionals will design your website and social media pages for a seamless customer experience. Just be sure to pay attention to analytics along the way, working with your team to make adjustments as trends and features change. Start your work with us here or for more options, check out these digital marketing agencies.

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