Social Media Around the World: 14 Facts & Trends for Worldwide Usage

In this digital age, it’s a common norm to have social media profiles. Most people have a Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter yet some people have every single profile out there. In fact, the total number of active social media users is over 3.6 billion people and is projected to increase […]

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Retargeting Part 1: The Traditional Approach for Business Growth

In this article, you’ll learn the traditional approach for retargeting to help fuel your business.   Every business marketing plan has a target audience. Whether that be with a direct mail campaign or a social media campaign, each strategic plan has a specific list of consumers to hit and retargeting […]

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Popularity of Voice Search: 6 Ways for Business SEO

4-min read In this article, you’ll learn about the increasing popularity of voice search. Plus, how to integrate it into your current SEO strategy. Keyword optimization for SEO may require a different approach to take advantage of voice search technologies. In 2023 and beyond, it’s imperative to consider language search […]

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